The Following Authors are associated with Entrepreneurial Ministry Assembly:

  • Judy Henderson, PHDc, LMSW, MHS:

Author Judy Benjamin Henderson walks the talk. Her book, Entrepreneurial Ministry: The Catalyst to Community Social Change, is a call to action for Christian men and women to get outside the walls of their churches, and minister to the needs in their communities. Her book is organized in brief chapters that define entrepreneurial ministry, identify the need for it, and encourage readers to pursue a similar path according to their own passions.

  • Ayo Maria Gooden, PhD:

A Single Bracelet Does Not Jingle: Finding Your Ideal Love Partner, Making Love Last and Ending Unhealthy Relationships; A Multi-Racial Examination of Love Relationships

  • Lynn Charles, MSW MS , created multiple books for children:
  • Charles, L. (2021). The One and Only King Alexander. Books Speak for You Publishing “The One and Only, King Alexander” is a book that speaks about being the only one. Through Alexander’s friendships, he realizes that his friends also have experiences where they may feel different. He then learns to appreciate all differences, including his own, as they are all awesome.
  • Charles, L. (2021). Mama’s Here Daddy’s There. Books Speak for You Publishing Mama’s Here Daddy’s There is about two parents living in two different places. The book, ask questions and allows children to tell their own story about how divorce/separation has impacted them. The key is to give the child a space to have a voice and to normalize the experience.
  • Charles, L. ( 2021). My Auntie is a Social Worker!. Books Speak for You Publishing My Auntie is a Social Worker” is intended for elementary school-aged children. This book will help children understand the special role that social workers play in our society.
  • Sabrina Umstead Smith Smith, S. U. (2016). Gratefully DIsappointed Learn Through Forgiveness . Gratefully Disappointed is a walk through my life as a young girl growing up in East New York, Brooklyn navigating this thing called “life” learning who I am as a woman; appreciating my purpose as a human being despite a series of life altering disappointing events. I have learned that life’s unpredictable events are the seeds that prepare us for Living
  • Jaynay Chanel Johnson My dear teen self: Guided journal to help teens explore feelings and social scenarios.