Entrepreneurial Ministry

Book Overview :

Entrepreneurial Ministry is a partnership of visible testimony that the traditional church can continually be a vital and vibrant avenue for effective ministry without compromise or loss of heritage and sacredness. It promotes and encourage outreach ministry at its best. By leveraging their entrepreneurial gifts, these ministerial Christ followers are compelled to provide community outreach in their vocation or occupation. These servants are not local or foreign missionaries but rather businessmen and businesswomen, respectfully known as Entrepreneurs. Their vision of this service and desire to give birth to it was first conceived in their spirit. This spiritual revelation manifested itself to them as a calling to ministry by God; or in other words, their Purpose. As a direct result of following their Purpose, they became change agents for humanity. It introduces the ministry as an extension of the traditional church. This book will help entrepreneurs recognize and accept their call to ministry. A better understanding of this unique ministry will cause these ministers to embrace their laboring role in the body of Christ.

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I never thought the work that I do was ministry much less so meaningful to the communities
that we serve.

Your Content Goes Here, M Ed., Life Coach

I like how each chapter begins with a quote, then essence of the chapter which ends with a
prayer and a point to ponder. This puts me in a mood of self-reflection.

Anita Bryant,, LMSW, M.Ed, Licensed Therapist

I use this book as a morning devotional for prayer. The prayers at the end of each chapter
seems to speak to me.

Faith Brown, MPH, University Faculty and Consultant